Construction & Renovation

Whether you’re building a new home, a new business, or are updating an old site’s look, then you want to hire the experts for the job. Our team recruits only the industry best in reliable construction & renovation work because we want you to enjoy the benefits of quality work every time. Best of all, our team is experienced in all manners of building material, from concrete and wood to plaster and brick, so that no matter what your design goals are, we have the expertise to make your dream project a reality. Call today to learn more.

New Builds

If you have an empty plot of land and want to create a new home, office, or similar structure, then we’re the team to call. Our construction experts provide top-quality expertise and training to raise your new construction project from start to finish. No matter how big or small your project is, if it’s a brand new construction project, then calling us to work on it is always the right call. If you call today you can speak with our consultant who will answer your questions about why working with us is the best choice you could make.

Interior & Exterior Painting

Are you tired of your painting job and want something new? Or do you have colors that need to be reapplied after years of use? Whatever your need, our team of handymen have you and your walls covered. Our team will give you that even coat you are looking for and will make sure that any exterior jobs will be treated to stand up to weather and time.

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting services are performed on various types of services and commercial settings including offices, property management services, and more. We can provide the service you need using safe products that won’t leave strong or harsh odors. You will receive a quality service performance by professional painters who are bonded and insured. Your property will be thoroughly assessed, and we will work with you to reach the best solution based on your budget.

Bathroom Refurbishment

A modern bathroom is something that every home could benefit from, and if you find that your bathroom hasn’t been updated for a number of years, there is a chance that it isn’t really fit for purpose at the moment. Our team can help to identify which parts of your bathroom need to be improved, and we can then refurbish it to the highest possible standards. This is something that will be of great benefit to you, so if you would like to see us work our magic on your bathroom, simply contact us and we would be more than happy to help.

Kitchen Remodeling

Do you want to replace your old kitchen with a brand new and modern design? Do you want a kitchen that makes the best use of your available space? Then call today for our kitchen remodeling service. We do everything from replacing appliances to updating shelves, counters, flooring, and countertops so that you can have the ideal kitchen for your needs. With all the great tasting meals that you can prepare, your kitchen deserves to be at its very best. So don't let an old outdated kitchen design ruin your home when you can update your kitchen with our kitchen remodeling service. Call today to learn more.


We understand that any plumbing work usually needs to be taken care of as a matter of urgency and as such, you want someone that knows what they’re doing to come in and do a professional and durable job so you don’t get hit with another surprise in a few months time. Whether it’s a leaky pipe, cistern problems or a broken radiator, with the experience in the industry within our team, we will have your plumbing issue resolved in no time at all. Contact us today for a quote and book your qualified tradesperson now.


The skilled carpenters within our ranks allow us to turn our hand to all manner of basic jobs. From repairing windows and installing locks, to hanging doors and fitting kitchen cabinets, we have the skills to facilitate for a wide range of joinery and carpentry jobs. We employ only fully qualified handymen passionate about delivering high quality results, no matter the scale of the job at hand, whether you need someone for a quick and easy fix or as part of a larger team for a more substantial job, we have you covered. Just get in touch today for more details.


Our walls and ceilings are the first things we notice when we enter a room, so why not give them the attention they deserve with some unique texturing options, like the ones our handymen provide. Whether you’re looking for orange peel or popcorn texturing, we can add that bit of timeless design to your projects. We’ll see your project through from beginning to end handling the sanding, cleaning, and priming and then applying the texturing to your project once it’s ready to go. You can trust our handymen team with this next project.

Drywall Repair

Has weather and use beaten down your drywall? Do you have small holes and nicks that are sure to decrease your home value? Then what you need is the help of our handymen who specialize in drywall repair. We’ll look at the damage, will repair and paint it so it looks just like new and can even make recommendations on additions you can make to limit or prevent further damage in the future. Why settle for nicks and dings on your drywall when our handymen can make those unsightly blemishes disappear.


When you want the best drywall for your home or office design project, then what you want is sheetrock. This brand of drywall is proven to stand up to normal wear and tear far better than some generic drywall offerings. That's why our team is prepared to install sheetrock into your home or office design project and will handle treating the material so that it looks great and stands up better to weather than you may expect. When you call our office, a specialist will visit your location and determine how much sheetrock you need to make your design goals come to life and will help you determine the best way to begin. Don't delay, give our team a call today.


Decks are the hot new trend in adding value and comfort to your home. Whether you want a quiet place to enjoy the outdoors, a spot for a pool or spa, or a lovely location for your barbecue and outdoor grilling needs, then you want a great looking deck that will last a long time. For property owners like you, there’s no better team for deck installation than us. We will work with you to design a beautiful deck that will meet your needs and will install it fast and efficiently. We’ll even handle the staining so you don’t have to. So call us today.

Insurance Claims

Are you an insurance company who needs to investigate insurance claim viability and liability? Are you a property owner who needs proof to justify your insurance claim? Then call our handyman team for help. We specialize in discovering the root causes for your property damages and will provide you with a detailed report that you can give to your insurance company for your claim. Several insurance companies also rely on us for accurate and unbiased investigations to see what exactly caused property damages so you can determine if your client's insurance policy covers it. No matter which side of an insurance claim you're on, you can count on us for help. Call now to learn more.

Chimney Repairs

Has wear and tear and everyday use caused damage to your fireplace chimney? Do you have a chimney that isn't working as you need it to? Then call today for help with our chimney repair service. We work with high-grade construction materials to provide you with long-lasting chimney repairs that are guaranteed to bring your chimneys back to near day-one perfection. Cracks, chips, dents, and any other sign of damage can be discovered, repaired, and reinforced to give you longer lasting chimneys than you have thought possible. Don't let damage ruin your chimneys when you can call us for fast and effective chimney repairs instead.

Pressure Washing

Washing outer surfaces with our service are easy. We provide quality pressure washing to remove debris, dirt, and stains from property areas. Our services are used to clean sidewalks, driveways, and outdoor siding. Our services are great for residential and commercial properties. We use high-quality cleaning materials and equipment that is also safe to use on different types of surfaces. Pressure washing is a fast and efficient way to clean or freshen up surfaces between seasons or when you want to improve the appearance of your property. Call us today for a quote.

Cargo Van Delivery

Zip code to Zip Code and state to state cargo van delivery.

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Conveyor Installation and Repairs

Millwright Work